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Our Center

Indoor Play Space

Discover our awe-inspiring gross motor room! With soaring 18-foot ceilings and an abundance of natural light, this space is a haven for little ones to explore, learn and play. And it's not just for playtime - our teachers use this room throughout the day as part of our dynamic music and movement curriculum. And during inclement weather, this space is available to all classrooms as a play option.

But the real star of the show? Our rock wall! This exciting feature offers a fun and challenging way for children to develop their gross motor skills, no matter what stage of development they're at. So come on in and see for yourself - we guarantee your little ones will love it as much as ours do. 

Outdoor Play Space

Ignite your child's imagination and physical development! Our playground is designed specifically to promote children's physical, social, cognitive, and language growth. With four separate age-appropriate playground spaces, there's something for every child. From our infant/toddler playground to our school-age playground, we've got it all covered.

One of our most popular playgrounds is our mixed-age playground, complete with a 6-foot play hill with built-in slides and a tricycle track that's sure to delight. The tricycle track is equipped with a covered train tunnel, bridge, gas station, and more, encouraging imaginative play. Plus, the playground features a covered patio, so your child can play outside in any weather.

But that's not all! Our before/after school room opens up to its own patio with picnic tables, perfect for studying and reading during nice weather. Each classroom also has a direct exit to an outdoor playground or play space, so your child can easily access it and avoid disruptions in other classrooms.

Our Classrooms

Infant Rooms

Infant Rooms

Welcome to our infant rooms, where safety and development go hand in hand. Our rooms are specifically designed to provide a nurturing environment for your little one to grow and thrive. Each space is divided into areas for sleep, play/learning, and eating, all tailored to support the four key areas of development - social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language.

Our rooms are also equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure your baby's safety and comfort. Each room has a changing station with a hands-free faucet, soap, and towel dispensers, providing easy access to sanitation. Our see-through cribs are designed to allow teachers to easily monitor infants during sleep, giving you peace of mind.

The oversized rooms allow for the growth and movement of infants as they mature through the physical phases of development.

Toddler Rooms